Ellen Adarna Is Thankful To GMA7 For Taking Care Of Her

Ellen Adarna plays Kat with a superpower, her role in Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell.

It is a story about the good and bad forces who battled for supremacy and she happens to be at the middle which both forces are vying for her alliance.

Richard Gutierrez plays the good guy while Christopher de Leon plays the bad guy.

In the end, she allied with the good guys, with Richard and other league members like Bea Binene, Michelle Madrigal, Jake Vargas and the rest.

Aside from “Captain Barbell”, she’s also a part of the Bubblets in ‘Bubble Gang.’

Ellen is from Cebu, where her parents allegedly own a popular chain of hotels.

It’s her first time to work in Manila and also it’s her first time to try a career in showbiz.

Her parents are supportive, so she has no problem with them.