Jacky Woo Seems To Be Good In His Craft

Jacky Woo, the actor-producer was inspired by the praises he received for his film, ‘Liberacion.’

The movie premiered at the Osaka Film Festival last month.

He’s happy that his project is paying off. The success of ‘Liberacion,’ has become a precursor to a new project, ‘Haruo (Spring Man).’

In “Haruo,” Jacky plays the role of a Yakuza man and it’s a full action movie.

It also stars Rossana Roces (who plays a bar girl), Roxanne Barcelo (who plays Jacky’s girlfriend ), Perla Bautista, Star Struck’s Nina Kodaka (as Jacky’s wife), Evelyn Vargas-Knaevel, Arnold Reyes and introducing Jun Jun Quintana.

Jacky professes that although he is Japanese, he has a Filipino heart. The friendly atmosphere in the Philippines has compelled him to call it home more than Japan.

So far, Jacky has completed 15 films in the Philippines alone.