KC and Piolo Want To Keep Their Relationship Private

Although the public know that they are in a relationship, KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual prefer to keep their relationship away from the intriguing public eye.

But their close friends noticed how the couple’s relationship has prospered.

Although Piolo went public and admitted he and KC are in a relationship, the couple is still avoiding by not giving people a closer view of their romance.

When KC arrived from the Star Magic US tour recently, the singer-actress refused to share some details about their bonding abroad.

Rumors have it that the couple was inseparable all throughout the tour. It was also reported that Piolo reserved a hotel room for KC.

When ased , KC did not want to talk about it.

Singer Erik Santos, one of their friends, has theorized that the couple wants privacy for themselves not to let their relationship get embroiled with intrigues.

He advises the couple not to mind other people’s perception of their relationship.