When That Love Is Gone It can Easily Turn Into A Costly Litigation

The aforementioned verbatim can probably happen for these two couples if they cannot be able to settle amicably their differences and they opt instead to get embroiled themselves for a costly litigation in court.

Being celebrities, their love life is a public knowledge. At the beginning, their relationship seemed perfectly smooth, that anyone doesn’t expect that the unexpected could happen too soon.

Until one day, they broke up with bitterness in their hearts. These are the situations of both couples Aiko Melendez and Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses; and Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo, respectively.
While the Melendez – Meneses would probably be ending up in court to resolve their differences, the Mercado – Trillo affair, the public has yet to await from Jennylyn her alleged ‘explosive’ revelation towards her former boyfriend, Dennis, as to the true reason of their break up. Hopefully, that Jennylyn’s threatening stance would only be a publicity stunt to further their respective careers and not to replicate the Melendez – Meneses fiasco.