Toni Gonzaga is not Forced to Tie the Knot Soon

Toni Gonzaga, the actress and television host does not get pressured when ask when is she going to marry her long time boyfriend, director Paul Soriano.

Gonzaga said she even thinks that the frequent asking as a compliment.

She said it’s a good sign when people hope they end up together because they see a positive aura or vibe in their relationship.

They take it as a compliment and she just wants to go with the flow and not to rush things.

The couple has been going steady for 4 years now.
Gonzaga said she is not yet ready to tie the knot.

Her ideal age to settle down is when she reaches 30, although Soriano expresses his desire to marry Gonzaga in the future.

Gonzaga is part of Happy Yipee Yehey.