A Good Movie for Sharon & Gabby

There will be an upcoming movie of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

They can now push through with the team-up and have ‘let bygones be bygones’.
Gabby has still the good looks and figure on the screen and Sharon, with the help of Marie France, she can still achieve the desired weight she needs when the camera starts to roll.

It should be a good movie for Sharon and Gabby, better than the movie of Gabby and daughter KC, I’ll Be There’.

They should learn a lesson from that movie, where it bombed at the box-office.
The movie, “I’ll Be There’ was just focused on the father-daughter relationship. KC’s bitterness in her character became a ‘turn-off’ to the viewing public.

The absence of romantic moments between the two characters KC and Jericho is a waste of role to Jericho.