Aiko-Jomari Tandem not Pushed Through

The Jomari and Aiko tandem in the television series, Atom is no longer pushed through.

Aiko was excited to do the series but during the story conference, she learned that she was no longer included in the cast. Aiko’s role was given to Assunta de Rossi.

The cast of Atom are child star Bugoy Carino in the lead role, Jomari Yllana, Assunta de Rossi and many others.

Jomari is still in Immortal while Assunta is in Mula Sa Puso.

Malou Santos, managing director of Star Cinema decides to give Aiko another series.
Aiko is in the cast of the series ‘Reputasyon’ with Cristine Reyes and Tonton Gutierrez.

Atom was supposedly Aiko’s comeback tv appearance after she entered politics and served the 2nd District of Quezon City as councilor for three terms.