Amy Perez Is The Real Winner In ‘Face To Face’ Dubbed As The Barangay Online

Though there are a lot of tv shows in the morning in mega Manila, that includes a talk or a game show, this program ‘Face to Face’ is the most watched program.

It is dubbed as ‘the barangay online’ with Perez’s ‘trio na tagapayo’ consisting of a psychologist, a spiritual adviser and a lawyer, who give their valuable advices to the two groups of the true to life protagonists and actual participants of the show.

That after the problems of their troubles are sorted out, both camps usually ended up in an atmosphere of understanding and reconciliation.

The format is patterned to a ‘Jerry Springer Show’ only with a culturally Pinoy flavor.

It is a show, that at the end of the day each one can earn a valuable lesson of understanding and forgiveness, that as a people, we see each of our own human flaws and learn to correct them.