Mayor Meneses to Aiko ‘She will Learn a Lesson!’

Patrick Meneses, the mayor of Bulacan and ex-boyfriend/partner of Aiko Melendez was shocked.

Meneses saw the documents or the script, that Cristy gave him, containing the direct messages which were released as blind items in the twitter accounts of Aiko and her assistant. It makes him appear that he is a gay.

Meneses said, ‘Aiko should learn a lesson’.

Before he came to Paparazzi as a guest, Meneses planned to say positive and good things about Aiko, he would have toldl the viewers that Aiko and him are okay.

“For two and a half years, Aiko and I were together, so I never thought Aiko could do this to me and I was not prepared to see those negative things. It was really a shock!”.

Patrick and Aiko were romantically linked to each other after Aiko’s separation from her second husband, Martin Jickain.

Patrick and Aiko were never married during the time, they lived together.