Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses To Sue Aiko Melendez For Smear Campaign

The mayor of Bulacan, Patrick Meneses has threatened to sue his former girlfriend Aiko Melendez for allegedly leading a smear campaign against him that he is gay.
According to the mayor, it started as just a humor plying around but it has not bothered him because he feels secure about his gender and he could not believe that it could be done by Aiko.

But after his guesting of ‘Paparazzi’ in TV5 hosted by Cristy Fermin where he was shown
by the latter a series of transcripts and exchanges on Aiko’s Twitter account with her
gay assistant on how they hatch to do a smear campaign against him, the Bulacan mayor
changed his mind and said he’ll first consult his lawyers so he can file appropriate charges
against his former girlfriend.

But the harm now is done so justice has to roll its course where justice has to be served.
Let’s keep our fingers cross what will happen next. So stay informed.