TV5 Ends ‘My Darling Aswang’ of Daina-Vic TV Show

TV5 has ended the showing of ‘My Darling Aswang’ starred by Vic Sotto and Daina Menezes.

There was no apparent reason given by TV5 management why the show was terminated.

According to the cast and staff of ‘My Darling Aswang’,they were surprised when they were informed, prior to the holy week that it would be the last taping of their show without any advanced notice of that sort from the kapatid network management.

Now, so many people are wondering why the show has to end that way when the public viewing rating of the show is good with Vic and Daina tandem.

Whatever TV5’s reason is, the viewing public has the right to know and the kapatid network management owed them an official statement, highlighting as to the real reason of the show’s end.