“I am Happy Where I Am Right Now,” AJ’s Message To His Parents

According to the mother of AJ, Marivic, there is a medium that AJ uses to relay his message to them, telling them not to worry and despair in losing him and that ‘he is happy where he is right now’.

Marivic said that AJ used her friend whom she said AJ appeared in her dream and he was telling her that he’s okay and he was telling her to tell his dad that he should not blame himself for his loss and tell his mom to keep on dancing.

At first she was wondering why this was the message of AJ to her, but she recalled that two days before the accident, there was that bonding time for the family, where Gelo her youngest son played an upbeat music that made her dance and demonstrated it to them, how to dance and AJ reacted by telling her, ‘Aba, si Mommy, talagang nagsasayaw pa.’
Although AJ did not relay his message directly to them, he used other people to let everyone knows that he is happy where he is right now.