Vic Sotto Tells about his Movies

Vic says he was proud of his movie with International action star, Cynthia Luster, Once Upon A Time In China.

It is one of his favorites movies and it does well in the box-office.

Some of his films are ‘tsamba’. Lastikman is one of his tsamba films.
It was not shown on Christmas but was shown on January 1. It was also a box-office hit.
He was proud of the special effects of Lastikman but was uneasy of his costume.
He said his body is only for ‘romance’ and not for an action movie.

He can not forget the movie, Si Malakas at si Maganda with Alice Dixson. It was not a good movie and was a flop.

He fulfilled his dream to have a team-up with the Comedy King, Dolphy in Dobol Trobol.
Dolphy is his idol. He learned many things from him.

Vic latest project is Pak Pak Dr. Kwak. He hopes this movie, with Bea Alonzo will do good in the Box-office. Pokwang, Wally and Jose are also in the cast of Pak Pak Dr. Kwak.