Yasmien Kurdi Accepts Baron Geisler’s Public Apology

Baron Geisler finally issued a public apology on Tuesday and made amends with his complainant, actress Yasmien Kurdi.

Kurdi gladly accepted his apology regarding a sexual harassment she filed against the actor 2 years ago.

The actress hoped that Baron had finally learned his lesson.

After their settlement, Geisler expressed his relief to know that all is well between him and Kurdi.

He said he’s very happy and it means a lot to him and he can move on with his new ‘life’

Kurdi accused Geisler of sexually harassing her in front of the production staff during the taping of their televisions series in 2009.

There were also other stars who were allegedly harassed by Geisler like veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache and Patricia Martinez, daughter of actor William Martinez and actress Yayo Aguila.