Jessa Denies Rumored Split-up with Husband Dindong

Singer Jessa Zaragoza denied the rumored split-up with her husband Dindong Avanzado.

This year, they will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary of their marital union.

Just like any other married relationship, the couple also experienced trials, brought about by pressure of their work and temptations in showbiz.

Dindong is ten years older than Jessa but it helped balance their married life.
He is more mature while Jessa is a hands-on mother to their daughter.

Jessa says, if you want your marriage to last, the couple should work for it.

Anytime this year, Jessa will be releasing a highly anticipated album with original Pilipino composition of Vehnee Saturno. It serves also as their reunion, after Bakit Ba?