Babaeng Hampaslupa Black Saturday ‘Marathon’

The TV5 dramaserye, Babaeng Hampaslupa, will hold a Black Saturday special marathon, screening of all the previews episodes of the show.

This is the viewers’ chance to see how Diana and Jorge Wong fall in love and how their babay, Eliizabeth was stolen and thrown nto the garbage truck.

They could also see the rivalry between the two chinese families Sy and Wong.

The rewind of Babaeng Hampaslupa will start at 6pm up to midnight.

Watch also this weeks’ episode where Elizabeth claims that she’s pregnant wth Martiin’s child (Joseph’s Betangcol’s child).

Martin will elope Grace but Elizabeth warns to kill herself.
Susan hires Alex to take good care of Freddie Webb (everbody taught he’s dead), but Webb suffered from amnesia.