Krista Ranillo Cries ‘Foul’

Krista Ranillo is sad about the unkind remarks, that are carelessly uttered by detractors, regarding her newborn baby boy, her child by husband Nino Lim.

She cries ‘foul’ and she asks detractors to spare his son from rumors and jokes.

As an actress, she accepts that once in a while she gets bad press, though she’s no longer active in showbiz, it’s fine with her.

But this time, she says, her son is only some weeks old, he does not deserve any treatment like this, he’s young and innocent.

Actress Krista Ranillo was once romantically linked to the boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao, when they both made a movie. This was before her marriage to husband Nino.

Krista Ranillo is the daughter of actor Mat Ranillo III and the grand daughter of veteran actress, Gloria Sevilla.