TV5’s ‘Babaeng Hampaslupa’ Excites The Viewers

The TV5’s first dramaserye ‘Babaeng Hampaslupa’ excites the viewers.

“Babaeng Hampas Lupa’ is about two conflicting Chinese rich families (Wong and See). The drama teleserye has big scene, like the funeral of Maita Zobel, and has good location, like the mansion owned by the Wong family.

The rich family’s father is played by Freddie Webb while the rich arrogantly domineering matron is played by Susan Roces.

In the first few days of the episodes, the scenes centered on the relationship of the couple, Alice and Jay. Alice Dixson is a poor girl, maltreated by the Wong family while Jay Manalo is the son of Freddie Webb and husband of Alice.

Susan Roces appears in the next episodes where she will help Alice, in inflicting punishment in return, to the harm done to her by Jay’s family.