Fatima Soriano, Not Yet Ready to Receive Aj Perez’s Eyes

The blind singer, Fatima Soriano is the choice of Aj’s family to be the recipient of Aj Perez’s eyes.

The Soriano family was surprised to know that Fatima is the Perez family’s choice.

They do not personally know the actor and they are only informed by the management of Star Magic.

Fatima Soriano and her mother are very grateful to Aj’s family but as of this time, they can not accept the ‘offer’ right away because they want first the doctor’s advice.

In the past, the doctor always disapproves the idea of eye transplant. Based on the test done on her eyes before, her problem is her retina, any operation may affect all her eyes.

For the mean time, Fatima’s mother says they will wait for the doctor’s advice to decide the matter and advises them to place Aj’s eyes in the Eye Bank.