Aljur Willing to be Converted to Islam Just for Kylie?

Recently, the lead star of ‘Machete’, Aljur Abrenica have some negatives write ups.

Some of these write-ups, include: he is linked to Ai ai de las Alas; Robin can not accept him as Kylie’s suitor; Jobert Sucaldito is always bringing him food.

Aljur says he has never seen Ai Ai in person, although he had talked to her through cellphone. But it’s always his dream to work with Ai Ai in a project. There is nothing wrong if he will fall in love with a woman older than him.

Aljur admits he loves Kylie, the daughter of Robin Padilla. But they have no relationship. Both of them are young and they’re both busy in their career. When the right time comes, they are ready for a commitment, he is willing to be converted to Kylie’ religion, just to marry her.

It’s fine with Aljur if he will be linked to a gay. The family of Jobert and his family (Aljur) have a good relationship (as friends).