Fabio Ide Denies Courting Lovi Poe

The Brazilian-Japanese actor-model, Fabio Ide did not like the proliferating news spreading like wildfire that he courted Lovi Poe.

Fabio says, it’s not true and besides he has no plan of courting the young actress.

He only admires Lovi Poe as a person. She’s a good actress but it doesn’t mean that he has a crush on her.

Fabio is happy to be single and wants to focus on his career. He’s loveless right now, having broke up from a 4-year relationship with his Filipina ex- girlfriend, Lia Andrea Ramos, Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2006.

Fabio right now is with Tweetbiz Insiders, the showbiz program of GMA News TV Channel 11, where he is one of the Tweeterazzo together with his co-hosts Tim Yap, Lolit Solis and Gelli de Belen.