Jim Paredes Comments on Manny Pangilinan, Giving a ‘2nd chance’ to Willie

Jim Paredes, a popular member of the Apo Hiking Society, comments on Manny Pangilinan, who gives Willie Revillame, a ‘2nd chance’ ( in Janjan’s controversy).

‘TV5 is willing to back up Willing Willie’ was the headline of Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The TV5 reasons out that Willie is ‘unfairly cast ‘ as child abuser in the eyes of the public.

Jim Paredes said Willie has screwed up on TV5 and still Manny is giving him another chance.
He does not like TV5’s action to retain Willie Revillame.

Jim Paredes is a popular member of the Apo Hiking Society, together with Danny Javier and Boboy Garovillo. He’s known by his solo composition, ‘Handog ng Pilipino’ the anthem of the bloodless Edsa Revolution.