Anne Curtis Talks About Her “Greatest Love” Sam Milby

Despite Anne Curtis’ having a boyfriend, she still talks about her ‘greatest love’ Sam Milby.

Anne says, love is when you “go all out” and with Sam Milby, she was “super all out”. Maybe she meant that she gave her ‘best’. But when she settles down, she will give the title “eternal love” to the man she marries.

Anne had past boyfriends, like Oyo Boy Sotto, Richard Gutierez, Paulo Araneta and Sam Milby. She goes on dates with her current boyfriend, the Filipino-French businessman, Ervan Heusaff.

Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith, Anne’s real name. Her mother is a Filipina and her father is an Australian lawyer. Anne is a versatile actress, model, TV host and VJ.