Dennis Trillo Joins the Cast of ‘My Neighbor’s Wife’

Dennis Trillo has moved on after his break-up with Jennylyn Mercado.

Dennis said, break-up is a normal thing in any relationship and he does not dwell on it.

He does not believe in the rumor that Jennylyn will have something explosive on her birthday concert.

For him, he has never been opened when it comes to his personal life.

It is said that he’s been dating a new girl. He said, he just went out with a non-showbiz friend.

The teleserye, Dwarfina ends this May. He will start a new movie, with Regal Films ‘My Neighbor’s Wife’.

He is paired with Lovi Poe, they will play the role of a married couple, who have ‘switch’ partners with Carla Abellana and partner Jake Cuenca.

Fans can expect sexy and sizzling loves scenes from this team-up.