Foreign Award Winning Artists Pay Tribute To Jose Mari Chan

The foreign award artists are paying tribute to the popular Filipino singer, Jose Mari Chan.

The new album is called ‘The Manhattan Connection: The Songs of Jose Mari Chan’.

It is released by Universal Records, the brainchild of Manhattan Transfer member Janis Siegel.

The 11 songs on Manhattan Connection are rearranged by foreign award-winning artists and handpicked by Siegel and co-producer Yaron Gershovsky, namely:

*** Constant Change / Stay, My Love by Nic Bearde,
*** Like Night & Day by Roger Treece and Lauren Kinhan,
*** Thank You, Love by Julie Hardy,
*** I Have Found My World In You /Easier Said Than Done by Kellylee Evans,
*** A Heart’s Journey by Leo Sidran,
*** Love Lost by Lisa Fischer,
*** Walking In The Moonlight by Theo Bleckmann (with an a cappella intro by Siegel and Lauren Masse),
*** So I’ll Go by Siegel and Kinhan
*** Spellbound by Miles Griffith.
Siegel and Gershovsky requested Joe Mari to lend them his entire catalogue of songs, and the next time Joe Mari knew they had come up with CD.