Sharon Cuneta’s Declaration About Her ‘Controversial’ Billboard

Sharon Cuneta answers the issue about her controversial billboard.

Sharon signed-up a product endorsement with Marie France and began her treatment last July 2010. The treatment facilitates the speed-up of losing weight but not too quickly. The slimming program or treatment is not a ‘quick fix’ of losing weight. It is not healthy to do it fast because the body can not sustain the rapid weight loss.

Sharon is up. She already loses pounds, inches and she is some pounds lighter.She strives to be more fit to be able to have active lifestyle and does it for her work.

She wants to remind everyone that she has been endorsing believable and credible products since she was 13. She can not just exchange one endorsement with her reputation.

Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan is a popular multi-awarded singer, actress and TV host and she’s dubbed as the “Megastar’.