Janjoe Makes Bea Happy

Bea Alonzo is always firmed in saying, she and Zanjoe are not officially on yet.

But she says Zanjoe Marudo makes her happy. Zanjoe is excited with Bea’s movie with Vic Sotto, Pak Pak My Doctor Kwak. But he does not visit Bea on the set.

Bea is happy she is given the opportunity to work with Vic Sotto.
In Pak Pak My doctor Kwak, she plays the role of a medical doctor while Vic plays the faith healer.

Pokwang, Wally & Jose joined them in the cast of Pak Pak My Doctor Kwak.

Bea has left for US in relation to their Star Magic US Tour. But before she left, Bea has taped her guesting in Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo portion. It will be shown before the movie opens on Black Saturday.