Daughter’s Performance Excites Juday

Judy Ann is a picture of a happy mother and a housewife when she made her first personal TV appearance in Talentadong Pinoy (Celebrity Showdown), after she gave birth to her son Lucho.

It was during the special birthday presentation of Ryan in Talentadong Pinoy, where Judy Ann was also a guest-jury.

Judy Ann was not only guesting in the show, Celebrity Showdown because of Ryan’s birthday but it was also because Yohan had a special number.

There was so much excitement on Juday’s part, when Yohan performed live on the stage of Talentadong Pinoy. Now, she knows how mothers feel when their chilren perform in school programs.

Both Ryan and Juday know that Yohan loves to act and dance. But the couple is firmed in saying that they allow their daughter to perform only during school vacation but not during school days.