Diether Admits He has a Son, Dream

Diether Ocampo admits he has a 7-year old son.

He introduced his son, Dream to the entertainment media.

During that time, the boy celebrates his 7th birthday at the Manila Ocean Park, together with the children from the 29 Day Care Centers of Metro Manila.

Dream gets his good looks from his father.

Is he going to follow the foot steps of her father? The boy promises, he would finish his studies first, before entering showbiz.

When asked about his leading lady in Dalaw. Diether said, they’re only close friends.

Diether Ocampo is an actor, singer and model. In 1996, he tried to have an audition in ABS-CBN’s talent search. After sometime, he became a member of Star Circle Batch II. His first movie project was in Calvento Files (1997).