Neil Coleta Says Popularity Never Goes to His Head

Newbie actor Niel Coleta said it’s not true that popularity went to his head after becoming part of ABS-CBN’s hit television shows ‘100 Days to Heaven’ and ‘Growing Up.’

During the press conference for his latest endorsement, Coleta said there is no truth to the said issue.

The newbie actor clarified that the controversy started when he failed to reply to some of his fans’ messages on Twitter and Facebook.

He knows that he owes everything to his fans and that he should not forget to show his appreciation to them.

Coleta revealed that until now, he still does not think that he is already popular and he is just thankful that he is blessed with so many projects.

Coleta and Coleen Garcia will work again for another commercial of an iced tea brand.

Currently, Coleta is part of the teen show ‘Growing Up’ with lead stars, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.