Where’s Ate Glow, The Alter Ego Of Rep. Gloria Arroyo?

The comedienne Ate Glow is not visible nowadays who is Rene Boy Sumalinog Facunla in real life.

But it does not mean that he has nothing to be preoccupied with especially that he finished his

Philippine Studies major in Films and Literature in the University of the Philippines.

Ate Glow doesn’t deny that he was depressed when her father died last year.

It has not been an issue with his father about his gender orientation considering that her father is a military man. His father was very supportive of him not only his studies but also when he entered showbiz.

Unknown to many Ate Glow is an excellent writer and photographer. Showbiz will always be a part of him but he wanted to do other things as well and that includes writing scripts and becoming a director someday.