Jobelle Salvador Learns A Lot From Her Unsuccesful Bid In Politics

Jobelle Salvador lost in her vice mayoral bid in Makati in the last previous elections, but it did not discourage her at all, instead she took it as an inspiration and had learned a lot of lessons from it.

Now she is focus towards her acting career especially that she’s been out from circulation for a long time, when she opt to stay in Japan for a while.

Jobelle has two children, Mico her child with columnist Erik Espina and Julina, her child with a Japanese businessman.

Mico is based in Las Vegas together with Jobelle’s mother and Julina who stays with her.
Whenever she’s free, she pays a visit to Japan and check on her condo and personal things including her car.

Jobelle Salvador is the daughter of the late director Leroy Salvador.