Willie Revillame Is Not a Politician But He Needs To

Willie Revillame is embroiled with controversy again, it is the price of how successful he is.

If he is not that successful he should have not been the talk of the town these days.

Though Revillame is not a political figure but he always sounds like one in his program.

He knows exactly the trade of how to win sympathy from the ‘common people’ by showing to them that his program really cares.

He is giving them his usual dole out of generosity and relating to them like a politician, who is in dire need of their votes, telling them ” this program is for you, poor people who need help”.

Whose poor heart of the masses, do you think will not be enticed not to follow Revillame in his remarks?

It is actually a no-brainer strategy in order to get ahead in tv ratings. The bulk of our populace, the ‘masa’ is about 80 percent.

If you win them enough, your show producers will be happy because your program will be the most viewed and most likely ahead in the tv ratings.

If your program is the most viewed, manufacturer of goods will surely flock to your program to promote and place their advertisements for wider exposure of their products.

It is just a simple chain reaction of the benefits you can derive from such strategy.It is a simple strategy that makes Willie of what he is now.