Another Willie’s Sponsor Backs-out?

The controversial March 12 episode (Jan-Jan Suan’s dance steps) of Willing Willie, is the reason behind the pull out of ad placement of Mang Inasal (under Jollibee Foods Corporation – JFC).

The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) allows its members to think and decide whether to pull out or not their ad placement from Willing Willie.

It seems that other advertisers are following suits. It is rumored that OISHI has plans of pulling out.

Willie is always firmed in saying, his show’s motive is to give entertainment and to help less fortunate people.

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  1. why are these agencies and some congressmen riding on the Jan-jan issue, I was able to watch the episode and i believe it was done for entertainment purposes, it’ just some of the watchers have put malice on it.. Why not check the different Commercials, where children are the talents.. No one bothers to check how impolite the way children answers the older persons.. some saying ” Ikaw na lang”, “marami pang options ang ate ko”.. nasaan ang po, ang mga sign ng pag-galang.. How about children sa isang talent search na “grumpy dancing at sexy ang talent na ipinapakita”, dahil maayos ang mga damit at mukhang class ang mga bata okay lang.. GISING!!! Pagtuonan ng apnsin ang tunay na pag-solve ng mga problema ng mga batang lansangan.. at iba pang naghihirap, kesa makisawsaw sa issue

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