Juday as Talent Scout in Talentadong Pinoy- Ryan’s Birthday episode Apr.10

Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo’s wife will be a special guest talent scout on April 10 in Talentadong Pinoy.

This will be Juday’s first television appearance after she gave birth to his son, Lucho.

It is a special birthday episode of Ryan, the host of the show, where celebrities will have a show down.

There are 5 celebrities/contestants which include Daiana Menezez (Eat Bulaga) as belly dancer; Jose Sarasola and Marion de la Cruz (Pinoy Fear Factor); MC Quintin; Miriam Quambao(Unang Hirit with GMA) who sings Fireworks; Jeffrey Santos (Ryan’s bayaw); LJ Moreno, dances like a show girl; Yohan (daughter of Ryan & Juday) and Macqui (nephew of Ryan) will sing You Belong With Me.

Find out on Sunday April 10 in TV5 Talentadong Pinoy, who will be the Pinoy Talentado.