GMA7 Refuses To Acknowledge Willie’s Allegation That It Offers Him A Show

GMA refuses to acknowledge the allegation of Willie Revillame that the company offers him a show.

Mr. Gozon, the head of GMA7 clarified that there was a request to have a meeting with GMA7, to plan for the possibility of Willie’s transfer to their network but it was during the time when Willie was still on leave from BS-CBN and the time, before Willie signed a co-production deal with TV5 in the show, ‘Willing Willie’.

Mr. Gozon also explains that pirating people from other networks is against the company’s policy. He remembered to have told Willie that he would be better-off if he could produce his own show and to have his owned independent production, like Oprah Winfrey.

However, Willie Revillame, when asked about the issue, alredy declines to say anything regarding this matter.