Survivor Ervic Vijandre Tries Acting in Captain Barbell

Survivor Ervic Vijandre tries acting in joining the cast of Captain Barbell.

Captain Barbell is his first acting job, after he is introduced in Survivor Philippines.

In Captain Barbell, Ervic plays the role of ‘Kidlat’, a super hero who moves like lightning. He is the enemy of Captain Barbell (played by Richard Gutierrez).

Before, he has no plan of doing an acting job because he is into playing basketball and doing modeling.

Captain Barbell is like a reunion of Survivor Philippines because his co-stars are from Survivor like Akihiro Sato Jon Hall, Michelle Madrigal and Solenn Heussaff.

Ervic is linked to sexbomb dancer Aifah Medina but he says they are not officially on. Ervic is Marian Rivera’s (Amaya lead star) ex-boyfriend.