Model Fabio Ide Admires Lovi Poe

The Brazilian-Japanese model , Fabio Ide admires Lovi Poe.

Fabio says Lovi Poe is beautiful and he expresses an admiration on Fernando Poe’s daughter.

He answered yes, when asked if he wants to get married, stays long in the Philippines, and probably gets a Philippine citizenship.

On the other hand Lovi Poe says this time, love is not her priority, after she experienced a failed relationship (with boyfriend, Ronald Singson who serves 18 months in jail for drug charge).

She just want to focus on her showbiz career and gain everything that she lost.

Lovi Poe is happy with her recent award, ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, in the Indie Film, Mayohan in the 8th Golden Screen Award in this year’s ENPRESS Awards. Lovi is currently doing Temptation Island.

Fabio Ide is a Brazilian-Japanese model. He was a model in San Mig Light commercial with Marian Rivera (a lead star in Amaya) and Dindong Dantes (a lead star in I Heart You Pare). Fabio has guested in the shows, Show Me Da Manny, Pinoy Records, and Full Time Moms with GMA Network.