Former President Marcos Australian Daughter Has Been Dropped From Planned Reality TV Show

A daughter of former President Ferdinand Marcos, Analisa Josefa Hegyesi was informed by production company Shine Australia that she has been dropped from the planned TV reality show, Renovators, when the producers have come to know who her father is.

Analisa Josefa’s mother is the former playboy model Evelin Hyegesi whom Marcos had a relationship with, and it is believed that Evelin Hyegesi has named her daughter after the dictator’s mother, Josefa.

The TV reality show’s main theme is about a group of professionals tasked to renovate real estate properties. Hegyesi, 40, reportedly had to undergo months of auditions and interviews.

She is currently a professional interior designer and founded AH Design Concepts in Australia.

It was not immediately known if the Marcos family in the Philippines has acknowledged the existence of the strongman’s lovechild in Australia.

According to earlier reports by Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, Analisa’s mother, Evelin Hegyesi, is now a multi-millionaire who owns several investment companies.

The Sun-Herald also claimed to have found documents showing links between Hegyesi’s Australian companies with secret Marcos accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.