TV5’s Face to Face Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

The TV5’s Face to Face, hosted by Amy Perez celebrates its first year anniversary.

The program, Face to Face intends to serve as a ‘barangay on air’ where the guests air their feelings.

After the show, the guests pass through a counseling.
There’s a monitoring of progress, after one week.

The Face to Face has a’trio tagapayo’ (advisers), composed of lawyers, priest, and psychiatrist.

Guests are given certain amount to defray their expenses in food and travel expenses.

Infidelity is the common problem the guests encountered.
After the fights, the advisers patch up their differences and they offer solutions to the problems.

The anniversary’s highlight is the gift-giving to their past guests or subjects.

For the coming year, they plan to look for sponsors for the guests, so that they will be taught how to earn a living.