Dina Bonnevie Says Vic Sotto is Too Old to have Another Child

Dina Bonnevie gave her opinion regarding Vic Sotto’s current wife Pauleen Luna’s pregnancy.

Dina said that that if Vic would have his own way, he is already too old to have another child and to start it all over again.

Vic cannot take that right away from Pauleen because she has also a right to become a mother and any wife would like to be a mom, the actress said.

Dina and her former husband are now friends and in good terms with each other.

They got married in 1982 and have two kids together.

Danica was born in 1983 and Oyo Boy in 1984.

The former couple broke up in 1986 because of a third party (Coney Reyes) and their marriage was annulled in 1992.

Coney Reyes and Vic have a son Vico Sotto, a councilor of the Ist District in Pasig City.

Dina is now adjusting as a politician’s wife.

Dina tied the knot with her third husband, Ilocos Sur Vice Governor Deogracias Victor Savellano, in March last year.

She was also previously married to Dick Penson.