Charice or Jake Zyrus Undergoes Breast Removal Surgery

Jake Zyrus has a gradual transformation as a transgender man.

Jake said that he feels complete after undergoing breast removal surgery.

He had his breasts surgically removed through a medical procedure known as female to male (FTM) chest reconstruction surgery.

Jake also said that he’s also taking intravenous testosterone booster to aid his transformation as a transgender man.

There are some noticeable changes in his body like his growing mustache and deeper voice, Jake added.

The surgery was performed in the clinic of Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan.

Jake said he was really overwhelmed with the support that he’s getting for making a strong stand on his gender identity after he recently changed his name from Charice to Jake Zyrus.

Now, he tries hard to stay strong because he wants ‘younger generation’ of LGBTs to be inspired by his story of transformation.

He also hopes that they will come out and embrace who they are without being scared of the consequences.

He made this revelation in his solo interview by TV5 reporter MJ Marfori.