Matteo Guidicelli Says Financial Status Is a Non-Issue Between Him & Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli is not pressured to be richer than Sarah Geronimo.

Matteo thinks there should not be a competition of his financial status with Sarah because it is a non-issue between him and his girlfriend.

Matteo is born to well-off parents and he also earns a lot from his own showbiz career and other ventures.

The actor refrained from giving away his financial status when asked about his net worth.

He just modestly answered that he does not know about it because he is still in the process of saving up for the future, has a lot of goals and dreams and has still a lot to achieve.

These days, most people know him as an actor, singer and triathlete.

Matteo was also quizzed about the possibility of him settling down with Sarah in the near future in the same interview.

He said that when he marries with the person he really wants to be with, he wants to give her everything.

As the man, he wants to give her a home, everything, so he can’t stop until he gets there because it is a long process.

Matteo is only 25 years old but he is already fully behind the wheel when it comes to investing his hard-earned money.

His transition from the racetrack to the big screen has taught him a lot about financial independence.

He credits his father for teaching him the value of hard work early on in life.

His dad was also teaching him discipline on how to put his determination into something and the value of making wise choices.

Matteo carries over these insights to the way he handles his money.

Sarah on her part is the highest paid singer in the world.

She has taken the No. 1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid singers for 2017 with an estimated $75 million in combined earnings.

In 2014 it looked like the singer’s spectacular career was winding down but she was back on top.

‘People With Money’ magazine reported on June 2017 issue that Geronimo is the highest-paid singer in the world, pulling in an astonishing $75 million between May 2016 and May 2017, a nearly $40 million lead over her closest competition.

The magazine considers factors such as upfront pay, profit participation, residuals, endorsements and advertising work.

The singer-actress has an estimated net worth of $215 million from smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics.

She has also several restaurants, has launched her own brand of Vodka and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume and a fashion line called ‘Sarah Geronimo Seduction.’