Azenith Briones’ Husband is One of the Casualties in Resort World Manila

Azenith Briones’s husband was one of the 38 people found dead after a gunman attacked Resorts World Manila Friday night on June 2, 2017.

Eleuterio, the 59-year-old partner of Briones, was included in the list of fatalities.

The beauty queen-actress considered herself ‘retired’ from showbiz.

Her last big-screen appearance was a cameo in Chris Martinez’s remake of ‘Temptation Island’ six years ago.

That Friday night, a real-life drama had pulled Briones in front of the cameras again.

She granted interviews to various media outlets some hours after the incident.

It was learned that she was forced to jump from the second floor of the building and sustained injuries while escaping.

The former actress insisted on staying in the Resorts World area until daybreak to await word on her husband, who was trapped in the premises.

On Sunday morning, the former actress brought her husband’s remains to their hometown, San Pablo, Laguna.

Reyes’ wake will be held on the family’s farm for one week.

As of now, her priority is to give her husband a proper burial and for her and her family to grieve in peace.