Jessie Mendiola Gets Along Well with Luis Manzano’s Mom Vilma Santos

TV host-actor Luis Manzano considers his relationship with actress Jessy Mendiola as very, very steady.

When it comes to settling down with Jessie, Luis said he would rather respect the actress’ timetable.

He does not forget that she’s only 24 while he’s turning 36 on April 21st.

The actor-host completely understands the fact that she still has so much responsibilities for herself and for her family.

Luis will never take it away from her because he respects her timetable the same way she also respects his timetable.

When she’s ready, he’s definitely right by her side, for now they’re both definitely taking their time.

Jessy admits talking to Luis about marriage.

Manzano went on to say that he is enjoying the fact that he and Mendiola have different perspectives given their age gap but they are on the same wavelength.

On the other hand, Manzano shared that he and Mendiola are planning to go on more beach trips this summer.

Jessie is very busy, at the same time Luis is very fortunate to be working, so they have to put in that extra effort to spend time with each other.

When Luis is asked if Jessie gets along well with his mother, veteran actress Vilma Santos, Manzano replied: ‘Yes, they are.’

He confirmed that Mendiola even sent flowers to Santos last Valentine’s Day.

What Jessy Mendiola likes about Luis Manzano?

The pair has long been rumored to be in a relationship, with some even tagging Mendiola as the reason behind the break-up of Manzano and actress Angel Locsin.

He has since cleared Mendiola, but has still refused to detail his split from Locsin.

Manzano and Mendiola have also remained silent about their status although they have become more open in talking about their romance in public.

They are both the same because they do not fight, they are always serious, Jessie said when asked what makes them click.

Jessie knows herself – she’s passionate and an emotional person.

Luis is quite the opposite but he balances her and cheers her up.

He is just being positive and always enjoy humor, always there when she needs him.

Asked of the most important lesson she learned from Manzano, she said: ‘If it makes you happy, go where your heart is.’