Celebrity Moms Carmina Villaroel & Jinkee Pacquiao Share Joys for Children’s Recognition Rites

Proud moms Carmina Villarroel and Jinkee Pacquiao post to Instagram to share joys at attending their children’s achievements.

Carmina attended her daughter’s recognition ceremony, where her daughter, Cassy Legaspi, was awarded with gold, silver and deportment awards.

Zoren Legaspi, her husband was also there to attend the ceremony.

With big smiles on their faces, the parents posed with their brilliant daughter to witness the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao also attend son Jimuel’s graduation rites.

Proud parents attended their son Jimuel’s junior high graduation day at General Santos Hope Christian School.

Jimuel is the eldest son of Jinkee and Manny.

Jinkee shared on her Instagram account how proud they are with the son’s achievements.

Being proud of their children has nothing to do with achieving anything extra-ordinary or special.

Pride in their children also comes from seeing the fruits of their labor.

As parents, they work tirelessly and with great care to give children the tools they need to be successful, perhaps even achieve the extra-ordinary or special feats to which they speak.

A child is nothing but a reflection of the morals of her/his parents.

So in effect, when parents look at their children they look at themselves and feel proud because that’s what they have created.