Sarah Geronimo Wants to Raise Future Children Just Like How Her Parents Guide Her

What Sarah Geronimo thinks about stage parents?

Sarah’s parents have been the constant figures behind her throughout her career.

Some people even branding them as stage parents but the singer-actress consider this as an advantage.

Sarah’s father is the singer in the family. He teaches Sarah how to sing while her mother teaches her what to wear, what song to sing, showmanship, etc.

Both her parents are strict and they impose firm discipline

Geronimo even admitted that she would raise her future children just like how her parents guided her.

While she doesn’t know anything about parenthood yet, Geronimo stressed that she will respect her children’s personal choice.

Sarah recently confirmed the news that she will be a coach for the upcoming teen edition of of The Voice Kids Philippines.

She is also busy preparing on her upcoming movie ‘Dear Future Husband’ with John Lloyd Cruz.