Jomari Yllana’s Girlfriend is Jealous of Aiko Melendez

Aiko Melendez admitted that she’s not in speaking terms with ex-husband Jomari Yllana.

The former couple has maintained a close and friendly relationship for their son, Andre after their bitter separation in 2003.

There were even speculations that they might get back together after her four-year wedding with Martin Jickain was annulled in 2010.

The actress was even quoted saying she loves Yllana and the feeling is mutual between them.

However, the two are not talking to each other lately because Yllana’s new girlfriend is jealous of Melendez.

In a recent interview, the actress admitted that they no longer talk.

The actress said that if there’s truth to rumors that his girlfriend is jealous of her, she shouldn’t be.

She heard about it (rumor) but she does not know if it’s true. But if it is true, this is the time that she will assure her, of all people, it’s not her.
Aiko last dated Iranian businessman Shahin Alimirzapour.

She served as Quezon City Councilor for 3 terms and ran for vice-mayor in 2010, but lost to incumbent vice mayor Joy Belmonte.

Her kids are growing up and it requires her time and love and more time.

Her marriage to Martin Jickain was annulled in 2010 and as a
single mom, Aiko said she makes sure to instill good values in her two kids especially son Andre, her son with former husband Jomari Yillana, who is now a teen.

Like any mom, she said that she worries over his well-being, and wants the best for him.

The best for her son is to finish school and make a name on his own, and be stable and that’s the only time he can get married, Aiko added.