Denise Laurel Will Rather Think than Dwell on Her Broken Heart

Denise Laurel said that she is now trying to be whole again, when asked about her current state of mind.

‘The Better Half’ cast member broke up with her fiancé, basketball player, Sol Mercado, four months ago.

Denise refused to reveal the cause of their split but she said that the final decision came from former boyfriend.

They were together for a long time. Toward the end of their relationship, they had been on and off, but the final word really came from Sol.

‘Everything is peaceful now, especially since she and Sol are able to talk.

They’re friends and no bad blood between them.

In fact, he even hung out with her son (Alejandro) last night, the actress declared.

Is there any possibility of reconciling with Sol, Denise said: She does not know, this time she is so focused on this project right now.

She’s trying to be the actress that she used to be.

A lot happened to her in 2016 and she has been going through it before the show started.

She felt numb and this got her worried because she’s an actress, and she has to be very in tune with her emotions.

This is the first time that she a hard time separating her professional from my personal life.

It was good that Direk Jeffrey (Jeturian) is there to guide her and that he is very patient. He knows Denise can handle it.

Denise said: Her character Bianca is a handful. There are so many layers to this part.

A lot has happened to her that led her to make the wrong decisions.

She is drowning herself in her right now. She does not want to think of her personal issues.

Moreover, the actress promised to never give up on love. She has experienced pure love from her son.

For her, true love is neither romantic nor maternal and paternal.

It’s just unconditional. All she can think of now is how to be the best mother for her son.

Denise said she would rather think positive rather than dwell on her broken heart.

She no reason to feel sad, she declared. ‘Everything in her life is as it should be. She has work, her health is getting better, she and Sol are friends, and her son is doing great in school.

She said she made sure to discuss the break-up with her son. ‘He is very intelligent. She’s very honest with him.

He knows everything that’s going on. She talks with him like he is an adult.

He is an old soul, Denise said of her 5-year-old boy. She thinks he must have sensed that she was sad one time because he said, ‘Mom, it’s OK. It’s like when I get a stomachache. Sometimes there’s pain, then it will disappear, and then it will come back again. But then you’ll be OK because you’re strong.’ Denise couldn’t show it to him, but she cried after her son said that.

The TV series ‘The Better Half’ also features Shaina Magdayao, JC de Vera, Carlo Aquino, Carmi Martin and Epy Quizon, among others.