The emergence of Nadine Lustre’s ‘Luster’ is the Beginning of a New Phase in Her Career

Nadine Lustre is currently having an amazing time with boyfriend James Reid in Japan but it doesn’t mean work stops there.

Nadine launched a limited edition perfume, Luster, which has a sweet and floral scent that evokes a love potion.

She finally revealed the whole Lady Luster thing she’s been teasing for a couple of weeks with artfully sexy photos.

Luster’s is actually a limited-edition perfume she’s putting out with her name on it.

And from the looks of things, it looks like Nadine really went all out on the push for Luster.

All we have so far is the hype she’s generated leading up to and after the reveal, but it seems to completely have her personal touch.

Creative Director of Metro Magazine Eldzs Mejia share the news of Lustre’s new venture in Instagram.

According to Mejia, Lustre herself created and designed the perfume.

The emergence of Nadine’s ‘Luster’ might be the beginning of a new phase in her career.

She may just set a new precedent for local celebrities taking control of their artistry.

Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre is a Filipina actress and singer.

She rose to fame for her lead role in ‘Diary ng Panget’ and as Georgina Evangelista in the television remake of the ‘Bagets’ film series.

Lustre was a member and vocalist of the all-female group ‘Pop Girls.’

In 2015, Lustre starred in the television series On the Wings of Love.

She won the ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ category in 2016 via Starmometer.